Meet the SocialTron Live team

BillyPresident & CMO: Our fearless leader has magic for days & game for weeks. Gleams like a comet, smells of Skittles.

Darwyn MetzgerFounding Partner & CEO: Marvel vs. Capcom wizard. Once yelled "sonic boom" before scoring game winning goal from 100 feet out. Reported that Michael Jackson was dead, won an Emmy.

Greg GrunbergFounding Partner, Host & Talent Director: Heroes alum, coupon scientist & mind reader. Rock n Roll all night & Madden every day.

Jay BoiceFounding Partner, Talent coordinator & Live Channel Producer: Colin Kapernick's former weapon turned Halo 3 super-soldier. Ridiculously fast for a human.

Brad SavageFounding Partner, Live Channel manager: Rare child star who turned out to be a completely normal & awesome adult.

Pamela HortonHost: Miss October 2012, Gamer Next Door, Creator of fine art.

Ameilia TalonHost: Miss June 2012, Gamer Next Door. RPG skill will make you weep tears of joy.

Carlos RiveraTechnical Director. Crazy spin on the ping pong pitch, crazy decks on the Hearthstone tip. Very intimidating height.

Sarah ZurellHost: Beauty Queen/ turned model/ turned actress/ turned person who hates acting, modeling or anything that refers to people as Queen (unless their last name is Latifah or Mercury).

Derek "D-Bone" ReckleyHost: Master of the moonshine, propeller of the Pabst Blue Ribbon, Mr. Steal your girl.

Ross MarquandHost: 9th-degree-black-belt impersonator. Seems to know an alarmingly large amount of attractive women.

Keith HabersbergerHost: Discovered at a jewish summer camp, has set the world ablaze with comedic lava ever since.

Joe "the lumberjack" WegnerBusiness Manager & Host: Super Smash Brothers phenom. Ph.D in Ping Pong Defense.

Beau BeaverBusiness Development: Cool name, demeanor to match.

Gian MolinaHost: Pwncaster, Comedian. Role in "The Middle" as food court patron #2 will change your life.

Keaton SavageLive Channel producer: Restaurant quality film guru who once gave the greatest 1 liner in the history of glee.